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Tile is the best option for wet areas and there are an endless variety of styles and colors. Choosing right tile color can make any bathroom look bigger and leave it feeling fresh and versatile. Marble installed as a shower floor or as a vanity backsplash can give a touch of elegance to any bathroom and simply upgrade the whole space. Mosaic tile is the best if the accent is needed. It can be matched with different parts of a room: shower niches, shower and bathroom floors, shower decoration elements. It also can be an independent accent on a wall as a backsplash. Using different tile types and sizes together creates interesting patterns and add a pinch of house unique style.
Also there is no need to be worry about being shocked of the cold tile stepping out of the warm shower. Bathroom floor heating system can treat to a spa-like experience and comfort in every step.
The different shower waterproof systems depends on customer choice and types of a shower is available to installation: Schluter-Kerdi, Wedi, and Laticrete (Hydro-Ban) as well as a pvc shower pan liner.

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Tile is all about variations of style, size, colors, textures to make a modern and unique looking.


Tile is the best option for high traffic areas in a house: water -, scratch - and stain- resistant, durable and easy to clean surface which can last a lifetime.


Tile is a non-toxic and antiallergen material which can be grouted with a non-toxic grout to make customers feel totally safe in theirs house.


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Maksymov Brownstone truly exceeded my expectations! They have just remodeled our master bathroom and we couldn’t be happier with it! Very professional and very personable!

Great company. Guys did such an excellent job and completed it in record time. The end result was awesome! I would absolutely recommend Maksymov Brownstone LLC to my family, friends and colleagues

We updated our kitchen, fireplace, guest bathroom and our laundry room and we are extremely impressed with quality of work MB performed. I would like to say this company really cares about its customers. Customer service was excellent, always prompt responses to all our texts, emails and calls. All our questions were patiently answered and every step of the work was explained. Very professional, thoughtful and hardworking crew. Highly recommend!

Professional staff, excellent workmanship, good organization, reasonable prices. I enjoyed working with Maksymov Browntone on a couple of projects. Such a good company. I’m going to keep working with them for sure.

I have been looking for years for a sub I could trust and rely on and then I found Maksymov Brownstone. They are literally the best tile installers I’ve ever worked with. It’s always a pleasure working with Ihor’s team.

Questions and answers

Stone or tiles are popular materials for decorating commercial or residential spaces. Their demand increases every year and this is due to such things:

  • non-toxic and anti-allergenic material;
  • the material has a durable and easy to clean surface, resistant to dirt, water, stains;
  • huge choice of colors, shapes, textures to create a stylish room.

Renovation is a responsible process. We would like to enjoy the result for a long time, so the   should be made only by professionals.

This process has many subtleties, among which are:

  • Bathroom tile or fireplace tile must meet certain requirements;
  • The installation itself is carried out according to certain rules.

The quality of the repair depends on who will provide the service. If you sign a contract with Maksymov Brownstone, you will be satisfied with the result. 

The advantages of cooperation include:

  • years of experience in the market;
  • serving commercial and residential clients;
  • creation of maximum comfort in the room.

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